Atilgan Shipping Co. Ltd.

Ship Management Service

Marine Survey

  • Atilganship is able to offer a virtually unlimited list of capabilities, listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients. 
    ·         ISM / ISPS Code Vessel and Company Internal Audits, Safety Audits 
    ·         Hull and machinery inspections and evaluations 
    ·         Assessment of Values
    ·         Marine Casualties 
    ·         Collision analysis and damage assessment - Fixed and Floating objects 
    ·         Interface with Government authorities 
    ·         Cargo and Machinery fires - Investigation and assessment  
    ·         Vessel appraisal - commercial and safety 
    ·         Damage assessment
    ·         Conversions and modification to existing plant 
    ·         Damage investigation 
    ·         Loss prevention 
    ·         Valuations 
    ·         Load and Discharge supervision 
    ·         Damage assessment
    ·         Project Consultancy 
    ·         Preparation of new-building specifications 
    ·         Compliance with International statutory requirements 
    ·         Naval Architecture Consultancy 
    ·         Damage assessment, investigation